Where are your ideas?

Just a little thought for the day:

Where are your ideas?  Are they so light they evaporate up into the atmosphere?  Are they so heavy they sink with a thud, never able to get off the ground?  Or are they light enough to just levitate around you? What gives them that levity? What keeps them close to your awareness?


Another new low in celebrity journalism: a psychic channels MJ

I couldn’t agree more with FishBowl LA.  This sinks pretty low to the level of sleaze.  This can’t even be called “journalism.”  If ever I would have done something like this, it would have been as a morning radio jock doing a stunt and never considered “news” or “journalism.”  Michael Jackson has been a star for 40 years; certainly we can all come up with something better than this to fill space.  With “This Is It” just smoking the box office right now, this cannot be the best a person can do.  Good grief, go see the film and review it.  But don’t screw around putting out trash.  Find a new angle or let the story die.