#Writemotivation for September 2013!

#Writemotivation for September 2013!

The last two months are a blur, but it’s time to settle this restless butt back into my writing seat. Let’s get some #Writemotivation going with my friend, colleague, and fellow Kansas Writers Association board member, K.T. Hanna! Writers, sign up at the link provided in this post. Otherwise, it’s time for me to create and share my own goals list for the month of September. 

My goals are to be realistic so that they are achievable. Here goes: 

1. Finish creating my final outline(s) for my YA novel — that means character outlines, location outlines, and the overall outline. This also means I must force myself to imagine it out completely and commit to what I create. And. Be. Done. With. It. 

2. Write a compelling first page. 

3. Write a compelling Chapter One. 

4. Once those three things are accomplished, I shall keep putting one foot in front of the other…or…keep on hitting one key after the next on the keyboard. Those letters make words, the words make sentences…and several tens of thousands later…there will be a book. 

That’s all I can come up with. I am trying to be fair. I am not trying to achieve psycho-bitch-Type-A-Oops-You-Spilled-Your-Sack-Of-Crazy. Just want to start and be firm about it. Just trying to make this a priority for the month. That is all. It’s doable. I will also tell all those blurry things that got me all summer long to go kick rocks. 

“It’s like that. And that’s the way it is!” — Run D.M.C.


The cure for every writers’s disease of procrastination?

The cure for every writers's disease of procrastination?

I love any and all methods of alternative healing. I’m even a Reiki practitioner. (Reiki and writing seems to go together in an odd way). I have recently become curious about using Bach Flower Remedies. I was drawn to Hornbeam at my local Natural Grocers the other day. Since I did feel as though my personal writing procrastination is stuck in “intellectual weariness and exhaustion,” I decided to give it a try.

Learn more about this stuff here:


I will let you know how it goes in future blogs.

#Writemotivation update

So it’s been a crazy summer. I’ll leave it at that. I did finish outlining the novel and am in the process of creating my characters and settings. I have been going at a snail’s pace but I decided that is OK. I have realized that I need quite a bit of imagination time until the story is solid in my head, without any holes in it. That’s what makes me crazy — the holes. I have gotten excited about past ideas and started writing my ass off without fully outlining and imagining what I needed in order to create a strong story. I would write tens of thousand of words, go back over it, and realize I had made mistakes in my haste. Or maybe the story just changed from the original idea. Maybe it grew. Maybe the story became better or worse. 

This time around I am laying a strong foundation, however slow it is for me during summer of 2013. 

But now it’s Labor Day weekend and summer is over. I did write a first chapter of my novel. I hate it. It’s horrible. It’s very short. Why? Because it came to a screeching halt due to the lack of imagining. Not so much that I don’t have the idea. I do! But I need to put it all on the page to make it make sense to me. Then I can actually start writing a proper chapter. 

After years of writing short news stories under the gun in a broadcast newsroom, I am learning and adjusting to a new format. In news writing, everything was formulaic. Each day, I gathered facts to create an inverted pyramid to be written in such a way that it would be read on air in two minutes or less. 

Now I have freedom and don’t know what to do with it. I like this problem!