Congrats to local Derby, Kansas author Samantha LaFantasie on becoming a USA TODAY BEST SELLING AUTHOR!

Just a quick post of congratulations to my friend Samantha LaFantasie on becoming a USA Today Best-Seller for being a part of the Pandora boxed set!

Check it out on her site!

She’s a hard-working writer, super mom, fantastic person, my good friend, and she’s based in Derby, Kansas. So fellow Kansans, give a local author some love! I watch her work tirelessly at her writing, book promotion & marketing, social media, and life. She’s kick ass just like her books. Or her books are kick ass like she is.

Support local authors, support indie authors!


Writing sprints are so motivational!

What I really should say is, “my writer friends are so motivational,” because they just introduced me to this thing called writing sprints.

What is a writing sprint?

A writing sprint is when we writers sit down as a pair or group for a set amount of time and just bang out the writing togehter. At the end of the time period, we post our word count. It’s fun!

For example, someone posts in a Facebook group, “Anyone want to sprint?” I say yes. We agree to start at a certain time, for a certain span of time. For my first sprint, we started right then. Twenty minutes later, we each had about 350 words.

It was an easy get-off-your-ass-and-write move!