Entertainment Writing

Over a decade of broadcasting combined with journalism, plus online content management and creation.
I’ve been in broadcasting since 1998 when I got my first job as a board op for KFOX/KSJO in San Jose, CA. At the time I was on-air at my college station, 89.3 KOHL at Ohlone College in Fremont, CA.

I started writing music and entertainment news for radio and the web in
2001 at KZZP-FM Phoenix. My time there began with part-time on air work and doing website updates the rest of the time writing music
news. The station became KISS and I was promoted to doing morning
news with Kid and Ruben in the Morning. When 9-11 happened, I
took on the task of writing hard news in edition to my morning music
and entertainment newscasts. I continued growing as a news writer
in 2004 when I went to work at Westwood One Metro Source writing
national and international news during morning drive.

KISS promoted me to morning show producer and I also
wrote long-form programming for the station. I wrote three concert
specials — one about Eminem, another about Usher, and one on Nelly. Music writing has always been a passion of mine I continued to pursue at Suite101.com and 98-7 The Peak.

Working in radio has given me many
opportunities to write great on-air and online content, but I also have some experience in print journalism.

After being laid off from KISS in 2003, I went back to school full-time
at Paradise Valley Community College, where I obtained my journalism
certificate and wrote for the PVCC Puma Press newspaper. That’s
when I jumped into writing broadcast news for Westwood One’s Metro Networks, then later in
2005 I took a job as managing editor for Valley Publishing in
Mesa. I managed the editorial for Northeast Mesa Lifestyle
, Gilbert Lifestyle Magazine, and the Senior Lifestyle

In 2007, I was freelancing as the Pop Music Feature
at Suite101, writing for CNET’s Webshots.com Entertainment Channel, and
at 987ThePeak.com where I wrote blog posts, “Peak Dope,” and part of Mary’s
Legends. I also began an internship for Organic Processing magazine, where I wrote an article on O~Wool organic wool.

I went back to work full-time for Westwood One in January 2008. Previously, I had worked as a news writer-editor in the national news unit. This time around, I am a digital editor working on dozens of news feeds each day used by radio stations all over the U.S.

For more detail on my writing and my radio career, please check out my resume.

In 2007, I wrote the Peak Dope for 987thepeak.com. To get to the Dope, click on the water cooler you see on the home page. Or just go here. I also wrote One Liner News for Mr. Peakerman’s blog. I also helped Mary Reilly with her Peak Legends online.

I served as the pop music feature writer there from February-November 2007. I conducted interviews, wrote articles, engaged in discussions, blogged, and created polls for my page.

Paradise Valley Community College Puma Press
I wrote an article on Alice Cooper — then a coworker in 2004 — for the Puma Press.
Entertainment Writing
I wrote an article about Big Brain Pictures in Mesa for Phoenix Art Space.


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