How to make a video go viral

I guess I’m just in a marketing mood today.  People were re-tweeting this piece earlier on Twitter about how to make a video go viral.  As a budding video creator myself, my ears perked up.  It’s an interesting take on the viral secrets of success. I’ve been making a few videos while on the air at the Peak, and I think mine fall into the “bored at work” category.  They’re far from going viral though.  So far, they’ve been good icebreakers on social networking sites with people I presume are listening to me.  (In the very least, they’re following me on Twitter, where I tweet about being on the air).  If nothing else, I am giving people another way to relate to me and get to know the station.  I’ll work on that going viral stuff as I make better videos!


Shedding some light on how PPM works

Found this great article today about how Arbitron makes PPM happen.  I know it has little to do with writing.  But many writers also happen to just kind of fall into sales and marketing, so I thought it was worthy to share on the blog.  I’m a writer who also works in radio, in fact, I consider myself to have been raised in radio.  When I started in broadcasting, we were taught to aim whatever we did on the air towards the elusive Arbitron diary keeper.  But today, that diary keeper has become a PPM wearer.  This women in the article is the one I’m speaking to on the air.  It’s nice to “meet” her finally, if only through a short article.