#WriteMotivation for January 2014

Ahh, January 1! What a day to set intentions, make resolutions… Well, I did that today. Six of us ladies gathered at sunrise to set our intentions in a sacred ceremony at the time of the new moon. So I am on fire to get things done today! The whole town seems closed and everyone is asleep, but here I am at my favorite coffee shop ironing out my writing goals for the next month. 


Here are my ##WriteMotivation goals for this month: 

  1. 1200 words a day on New Adult WIP (has no title yet) 
  2. See if I can’t come up with a title for #1
  3. Sort through years of poems to cull the ones I want to work on for my 1st poetry book 
  4. Continue work on new adult WIP
  5. Locate old writing portfolio or at least old writings to create a writing portfolio
  6. Find out which local magazines are searching for freelance material and come up with ideas to submit queries
  7. Submit one query to a magazine or website (locally) 

 The NA WIP currently has 16,212 words with a goal of 31,000… I made a small goal for it but have been working fast on it. I’d actually like it to be longer but that’s a good goal to surpass for now. 

It’s been a goal for some time to use iBooks author to self-publish a book of poems because I’ve written a million poems. I may as well shit or get off the pot on that one. 

I have a YA WIP that’s been on the back burner for  a month or so since I got the idea for the NA book. 

And…finally, I have lived in Wichita for three years now and not once have I written for a local magazine! I’m way out of the freelance writing habit. I’d like to get back into it.

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